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From Colour Technician & Hair Model to One of Hatch's Brightest Stars

Our very own Priscilla White talks to us about her own career transformation and what it means to be part of the Hatch team.

At Hatch we are here to bridge gaps, support, nurture and offer an alternative way into the tech industry for all backgrounds. Hatch isn’t just where I work and they’re not just work colleagues, it’s my home and my family. This is where I belong.

Where did you work before joining Hatch?

Before working for Hatch I was working as a colour technician and a hair model. The hair industry appealed to my creative side, the allowances of being able to present myself without being judged by employers. Having been diagnosed with ADHD I figured this industry was a good fit for me, I could help people feel better about themselves, keep myself constantly active and have new projects to hyper fixate on daily, within this I still had a feeling that although this was a comfortable placement, I didn’t truly belong.

What made you choose the hair industry?

Long before my journey started as a colour technician I was studying to become a psychologist, a passion that was sparked by the loss of a friend as a teenager and a childhood surrounded by substance abuse– during my studies I applied for a part time job at a local Starbucks and I remember the feedback well, unfortunately due to having visible tattoos on my arms and throat they were unable to offer me a position; this ultimately started a domino effect in the decline of my confidence, I was sure that if I couldn’t get a job working in a coffee shop then the Psychology sector would have no place for someone like me either – thus I fell into the hair industry, an area where I was allowed to look and be creative, however my appearance wasn’t always received well by clients.

Why Hatch, why the tech industry?

I was scared to leave this comfortable space I had built for myself, but I remember seeing an advertisement for an Assistant Academies Manager role and having worked in the Salon’s academy I figured I could use some of the skills I had learnt and apply for something completely out of my comfort range… The tech industry, now I’ve played games since I can remember and it has always been a love of mine, gaming for me has always been engaging, stimulating and often provided an escape from reality.

I opened an email with an invite to interview, my heart went instantly into my throat, I researched Hatch prior I loved their ethos, values and how they held themselves as a company and when I had my interview I knew instantaneously, not only do they apply this to their candidates and clients but towards their staff as well. I was 100% certain I wouldn’t be offered the role, I was nervous, I speak at 100 miles per hour (often before thinking), I am heavily tattooed and I have ADHD… Why would they pick me over other applicants?

How have Hatch supported your journey?

To my absolute surprise I was offered the role, I can’t put the excitement into words! Hatch focused on my transferrable skills, who I am, not my CV. I started in my role and one month later I discovered I was three months pregnant…now as you can imagine I was petrified, I have just started a new job and now I have to tell them I am pregnant “A bit of background, I have struggled with endometriosis since being a teenager and was under the impression the possibility of having a child was slim”. The day of the phone call, I was nauseous (was it nerves or was it morning sickness… no one will ever know) – to my surprise, my announcement was met with cheer and congratulations, an instant support network within the team.

Since returning to work after maternity leave, my role had changed they had offered me the opportunity to work in career support and as an Academy Manager….. Me running an Academy that was a scary thought, however through Hatch encouraging me out of my comfort zone and into a new space, I was more determined than ever to make this a success. I have been given opportunities and have been allowed the space to learn since the beginning, this has aided in the build of my confidence. I am no longer scared to put my hand up for a new opportunity, not scared to ask questions and most importantly I am not scared to be me.

What do you enjoy most about your role?

Having the opportunity to bridge the gaps for people who come from diverse backgrounds, in obtaining their dream jobs within the tech industry, that has been the most incredible experience, I love meeting new individuals, listening to their journey and seeing their passions ignite. I have made it my personal goal, to get as many of these individuals into the space they have worked so hard to obtain.

What advice would you give to someone looking to switch careers?

My advice to anyone wanting to switch careers, take the plunge, be confident in your own abilities. It’s 99% determination, grit and resilience with a 1% of luck.

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