Case Study

Women-in-Tech at Capgemini

Finding & developing female talent for Capgemini’s HMRC division

Giving women the opportunity to succeed in tech careers is crucial, especially amidst the ongoing global talent shortage. We’re immensely proud of the women uncovered via Hatch’s unique & inclusive approach.

The Challenge

For 15-years, Capgemini has partnered with HMRC supplying data, digital & cloud technologies, as well as supporting transformation programmes and growing HMRC’s own IT capability. 

In 2022, Capgemini’s HMRC market unit approached Hatch with two requirements: 

  • To drive female representation across its workforce as part of Capgemini’s overarching commitment to DE&I 
  • To identify new & consistent sources of entry-level tech talent for deployment across the organisation (data engineering & java development the immediate priority) 

All talent hired needed to identify as female, live within commutable distance of office locations in Telford & London, and be eligible for UK security clearance up to SC level. 

We mustn't stop people coming into tech just because they haven’t got the right qualifications. There are no right qualifications. Training, attitude, people's behaviours and desires are worth so much more than anything else. In my view, if you really want to do something, you will achieve it. And these women in the Academy are testament to that.

The Solution

Hatch developed two Women-in-Tech Academies on behalf of Capgemini to find, train & deploy female hires into Data and Java roles. 

Social Impact Partners 

Leveraging our Social Impact Partner Network, Hatch engaged organisations geared towards empowering female talent into tech across the UK, thus targeting talent out-of-reach via traditional channels.  

Assessment-Led Hiring 

Forgoing CVs, Hatch utilised its unique assessment capability to qualify applicants for the programme, gauging technical competence alongside key behavioural drivers to find the right people for Capgemini. 

Custom Curriculums 

Working in partnership with Practice Leads at Capgemini, Hatch devised curriculums across Data Engineering & Java Development to equip new hires with fundamental, technical, and business skills to succeed in their new roles. 

Hatch’s unique model let me discover my potential and future path in tech. They understand that talent isn’t only found on a single side of A4, but in those with a passion to learn. They gave me and so many other brilliant individuals the opportunity and support to achieve their dream careers and nurtured our confidence along the way.

The Results

In just 5-weeks, our digital campaign drove:

  • 5K Engagements
  • 682 Applications
  • 340 Assessments

Hatch produced a strong shortlist of the 42 highest performing women for Capgemini’s final interview and hire. 

20 women were hired and onboarded into the business, undertaking an 8-week Academy programme in either Java Development or Data Engineering before being deployed into their full-time positions with Capgemini HMRC.

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