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Apply today to become a Software Engineer at Roke where you'll be paid to train in the skills you need to make the world a safer place.

£30,000 Per Annum Starting Salary - Manchester - Office Based

Recruitment, done differently

Be part of something that changes our world for the better. The Roke Academy aims to uncover aspiring Software Developers with longevity in other careers, and empower them with the right skills through a salaried training programme before transitioning into their full-time roles at Roke.

All you need to do is apply, and then complete our digital skills assessment today (that’s right, no CVs here) and consider your application made. No prior workplace experience is required, or even relevant study.

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Hatch exists to solve the digital skills gap and drive positive social change.

We don’t necessarily believe in CVs. We believe in uncovering potential. And matching people with the opportunities that empower them to fulfil their potential. Because whilst experience doesn’t always guarantee skill, the reverse is just as true.

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About Roke

Roke is a leading UK innovator in science and engineering. For over 60 years we’ve been improving the world through innovation by combining the physical and digital in new ways. We create technologies and products to solve real world technical challenges and help deliver critical missions for our customers.

What they're looking for

Roke is as interested in your skills, attitude, thinking & enthusiasm as in your credentials, which is why you won’t see us asking for your CV. Instead, prove your software skills through a short online assessment, and consider your application made.

Working at Roke

Roke is as interested in your skills, attitude, thinking & enthusiasm as in your credentials, which is why you won’t see us asking for your CV. Instead, prove your software skills through a short online assessment, and consider your application made.

What will my role at Roke look like?

Roke delivers advanced research, development services and products to high profile customers who come to Roke with varied and challenging problems to solve. Your projects will be diverse, applying your skills to deliver impact for our clients, from research to rapid prototypes through to agile operational solutions. Consequently, Roke is looking for individuals able to work across projects in different domains. 

Beyond your technical skills, Roke expects you to thrive from working with world-class scientists and engineers, be technically curious, and always wanting to develop your skills, knowledge and networks. You will be proactive and able to communicate effectively with a variety of internal and external stakeholders.

What kind of skills are needed to apply?

Due to the nature of this position and the projects you’ll work across, Roke will require you to be eligible to achieve at least DV (Developed Vetting) clearance. As a result, you should be a British Citizen and have resided in the UK for the last 10 years for DV clearance. The clearance vetting process will take place over the course of your training programme and will be managed by Roke.

While Roke is always looking for world-leading engineers and experts, they’re as interested in your skills, attitude, thinking and enthusiasm as your grades, work experience and certifications. Below you’ll find an overview of the skills & behaviours best suited to becoming a Software Engineer at Roke. Don’t worry if you can’t tick all the boxes, so long as you’re passionate, we’ll help you unleash your full potential.

Technical Skills & Experience

Behavioural skills

You have the questions, we have the answers

Not long at all! The assessment will only take up to 45 minutes. However, you must be prepared to complete the assessment without pausing once you have begun. Once you have registered via this page, you will be taken directly to the assessment. If you’re not able to complete it at the time you apply, an e-mail link to the assessment will be sent to the e-mail address used to make the application.

Quite simply, it’s both! If successful at assessment and interview, you’ll be hired by Roke and placed on to a salaried training programme to learn all the skills you need to succeed at the business.

Reflecting your existing life skills and competencies, the Roke Academy programme will pay you a salary of £30,000 plus enrolment into the pension scheme.

Yes, the working locations will be at Roke’s offices in Manchester. Please consider this before making your application – ideally you should live within reasonable, commutable distance. 

The training programme will last 24 weeks in total, set over two phases of 12 weeks each. Once your training is completed successfully, you’ll be deployed into your full-time role at Roke.

The digital skills assessment will be a blend of multiple choice and free text response questions. The assessment will also take no longer than 45 minutes of your time.

Join one of our bi-weekly virtual webinars to find out more about this opportunity and exactly what’s involved in being a Software Enginner at Roke.

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